29/01/2006 By dadmin 0


Today we went to see “Matchpoint” (http://www.matchpoint.dreamworks.com/main.html) by Woody Allen. I have to admit I spent most of the movie wondering what he was after and waiting for Woody Allen-style dialogue to start…
Plus, I kept wondering why Woody Allen chose such an overused scenario of poor-guy- marrying- a- rich- woman- having- an-affair- being- afraid- of- losing-everything-and-killing-his-mistress.
In the end, I found it interesting since it felt to me like the whole movie was made as a tennis game: the guy kept winning and winning and winning. In the end, however, even though he seemed to have won, it was not sure that victory tasted sweet 🙂 One thing I liked a lot: the scene where the ring of the killed lady did not fall into the water. Though, from the analogy with the beginning, you would think that that would mean something bad for the guy, it actually saved him.
So, you could summarize the movie as : “Life is all a matter of luck, losing can seem like winning and the other way around”.
It was very weird not to have WA in the movie. Maybe this is the start of a new type of movies in his career since he probably got too old 🙂
I am not sure how I will remember this movie in a few months. I definitely liked Scarlett Johansson a lot: she is extremely talented and very natural.