20/01/2006 By dadmin 0

Real winter

This week the real winter came upon us. So far, we mostly had around zero Celsius. Now, we got to -21 Celsius. It became very hard for me to wear the glasses because the steam does not go away easily anymore: it just freezes on the glasses. Also, when I was walking back from work a few nights ago, I got a muscle cramp from the cold windy weather. I also got the opportunity (if I can call it like that) to wear my new long goose feather Finnish coat. I thought I would feel like in a sleeping bag (I actually look like that) but if I stay a few minutes in one place, I can feel the cold trying to get through the coat!
Well, I have to say that during that very cold and windy first day I started to consider where to move next 🙂 Since I guess we got as far North as possible (no way I would move to Oulu), it can only get warmer.
Since the winter just started, I think I need some patience now. And warm clothes!