06/06/2008 By dadmin 0

Lazy bloggers

Sad, but it seems that we do not find the time to write in this blog too often. It’s also quite hard to keep up as I still fail to find the motivation for blogging.

Anyway, I thought I should mark our 1 year in UK (which actually was almost 1 month ago) with a post. So, after 1 year here we still like it! Actually, now I start liking it even more, which is not hard because last year was quite annoying for me: no job, no cats and sometimes even no Internet and TV.

The PhD goes forward and I start clearing up in my mind what I would like to do. We started to go more around (we now became National Trust members) to see castles and gardens and it’s amazing how much care they take of gardens here. In March we took my parents to Devon and it was really, really beautiful there. We are now going again to Exmoor at the end of June.

London is full of events and nice places. Whenever we can, we try to go and see something or just walk around. It’s quite hard, though, to decide what tickets to buy (no complaining though)!

Travelling to the rest of Europe got so much easier now and it does not even feel like leaving the country anymore as it takes us less to go to Brussels or Paris than it took in US to go from Boston to Virginia. We definitely like our house and our small garden and we start appreciating a lot the British countryside. It’s quite hard not to, as it is totally different from any other type of countryside I’ve seen so far. It’s very green, calming and relaxing.

Hope things will go well here and we’ll stay around because we have lots of things to see and do!