18/05/2015 By dadmin Off

Open Studio

This weekend, for the first time ever, I had a public showing of my art!

As a bit of history, I started painting in 1997, while studying in the US. That’s where I first discovered oil pastels and I loved them. Then I moved on to oils and I loved them even more 🙂 Now I also like to use ‘buttery’ acrylics that can recreate the thickness of oils but dry much faster. After 2001, I painted less as I was too busy enjoying life 🙂 However, this year, after moving to Greenwich, I got so inspired by the strong artistic community around here that I decided to restart and accelerate my art-related activities and, for that, I rented a studio nearby, at Second Floor Studios in Woolwich. When I visited the site I was very impressed with the size of the community as well as the variety of artists working there. And, as they hold annual Open Studios events, this was my first one. Here is my studio, as it looked over the weekend.

Overall, it was an amazing experience as I was able not only to show my art to strangers and get some very nice reactions and comments but I could also go around and see what other people create across the site. I’ve met lots of neighbours and I saw lots of interesting things and techniques.

Here are some photos of the studios I visited and art pieces I liked.