24/02/2006 By dadmin 0

Involution in US (again)

Just read this article about an abortion ban bill being almost passed in South Dakota and freaked me out! It’s absolutely unbelievable that they can go back to the Dark Age of prohibiting women to have abortions! And who is yelling louder: men! I just remember the horror stories about the communist times in Romania when women had to go to the factory’s doctor every month to be checked if they are pregnant or not and then monitored so that they won’t have an abortion. Maybe that’s what the Americans should do. Just treat women as child factories. That’s their job anyway, isnt’s it?! Of course, nobody cares about the children or the mothers after they give birth. Nobody from the yelling self-righteous people will help them raise the kid, pay for the childcare and food. That’s not the point. They don’t actually care about the child anyway. They just care about the fetus! Then maybe they should take the children that are born from parents that cannot afford to raise them. Of course they will take them when they’re old enough to go to war and get killed!