25/02/2006 By dadmin 0

Best service experience

Today I had again the confirmation that moving to Finland has been a good move when it comes to getting help while living in a foreign country. I had to buy something from pharmacy and also get a fidelity card and the woman was so nice (not the US fake nice that makes you vomit, just naturally helpful and nice). Since we moved here in May, all the people in the service area we’ve met (including doctors) have been so kind to us and so easy to communicate with (except some minor bad experience with BMW service people). Yesterday, we had to call in US to a credit card company and we heard again the “Hiiiii, hoooow AAAARE you?” in such a fake tone that you felt sick. I really do not miss that… I don’t get why people say that Americans are nice just because they greet you with their fake platitudes. I prefer so much more Europe, even though sometimes you get some rude behavior from some waiters. But we’ve also seen rude behavior in US, so nothing unusual.
Just felt like putting this down since I did not write too much good about life in Finland lately. People have been asking if we still like it here: Yes, we really do. Some things at work got more annoying than they were last year, but Helsinki and the Finns have not dissapointed us so far.