21/05/2006 By dadmin 0

Halloween at Eurovision!

Last night I stayed till 1 o’clock in the night to see the final of Eurovision song contest. It’s the first Eurovision I see since I left Romania back in 1996. It changed a lot: in my memories Eurovision was a very boring song contest where most of the songs were very calm (I remember Ireland won a few times with these types of songs). Anyway, while I was pleasantly surprised by a few songs I was extremely dissapointed by the result 🙁

Under different circumstances I would have been very happy about Finland winning but that group is horrible and the song un-memorable! The singer looked to me like Meatloaf decomposing! The only explanation is that the only people that got to vote last night (which is hard to do since the phone number cannot be reached and the sms was delayed till after the voting time ended) were teenagers that found this Lordi really cool and found even cooler that they should win a pop song contest!

My favorite songs/singers were from Romania, Ukraine, Greece and Russia. Most of the other songs I already forgot. Lithuania was very funny though 🙂

Apparently, everybody in Helsinki hit the pubs and got drunk last night because when Dirk tried to get a taxi to get to the airport the lady said that it would be impossible. Well, the good thing is that Finland will get to host the Eurovision next year!