05/04/2007 By dadmin 0

The short life of a cat toy

Yesterday I went to buy a new travel bag and a new catnip-filled cat toy, thinking I can place that toy in the bag when traveling, as I read somewhere. I first gave that toy to Cara. She seemed to get a very sudden interest in it and started playing with it which triggered Peppe. Once he got hold of it there was war! He kept biting, throwing, tossing and turning it, pulling on the poor mouse toy and sniffing and licking the catnip inside. At some point he got tired and he gave it to Cara. Actually, that was a very cute scene: he really put it on the floor and pushed it towards Cara! Then she played a bit till Peppe recovered and after that he took it over. I am not sure anymore what happened after that, because they took it to the bedroom. When I went there, I found catnip everywhere on the rug, the poor mouse’ stomach totally torn apart, Peppe very proud and Cara covered in catnip 🙂 !

Here is a photo of the poor cat toy when I found it. It’s obvious to me that the ones that made this toy never actually tested it with real cats. The mouse body is made from some quite thin fabric so it was no problem for them to rip that fabric apart. Plus, the other parts of the mouse, like legs and arms, also came apart quite easily. Poor toy! It was a real massacre :-)!