19/03/2007 By dadmin Off

Photo website revamped!

After quite some work, I finished updating our photo website. All photos and pages have been changed and improved. There might be still certain things to fix, especially in the metadata, but I am quite happy with it and the amount of photos we have now there 🙂 I now completely switched to the Mac tools after I found the right combination (iView+Downsize+Transmit). I am not completely happy with the quality of the downsized photos created by Downsize but it will do for now. Of course, the Photoshop I used on the PC was much better but I just did not feel like buying it now for the Mac. Plus, Downsize is very fast in downsizing, adding border and watermarking. iView is quite nice though I found some glitches when it does not properly updates folders. The editing tools are quite basic but they really work. The webpage creation feature is excellent though I also found some problems there, when you try to change the pre-defined templates. But, overall, the Mac experience went quite well and it gave me the opportunity of making some use of our (quite nice) Mac that was mainly used for video editing and sitting quite under-utilized most of the time.
Well, I am hoping that from now on I will be able to easier and faster update the website.