14/06/2005 By dadmin 0

Hello to all our friends in US!

All is going very well with us. We enjoy a lot being here, frankly speaking, more then I expected 🙂
And now, after we moved in our new apartment, we are even closer to the center than in the first 2 weeks 🙂

The new home looks really big now and there is a lot of echo so the cats are having a lot of fun meowing 🙂
The cats had no problems with the last moving. They seemed to feel “at home” from the first night.
Peppe was very funny: when we started packing in the hotel he went to the door and started scratching. I guess that was his way of saying “I am happy to get out of here” 🙂

The weather was really nice here this weekend, though yesterday was a bit moody.
Saturday was really good. We spent the whole weekend looking for all sorts of home items and cleaning a bit.

And, yes, we don’t miss the Boston weather at all 🙂 Sorry for you that this summer is so bad.

However, we do miss you and we hope that you are all doing well,

Dana & Dirk