14/02/2006 By dadmin 0

Fear of traffic jams in Finland?!

Some observation after going to two shows in Finland: more people than I’ve seen before get up and leave before the ending (when it just looks like it’s going to end). At the horse show, the horses were still in the arena and doing some good bye jumps when bunches of people started to leave. Is it fear of getting stuck in the traffic that gets out of the parking??!! It could be but it was not that bad anyway. Remembering some of the bad experiences from US (like trying to leave by car from the Tweeter Center in Mansford, MA) getting out from Hartwall Arena was nothing…
I noticed the same thing when we went to a Barbara Hendricks concert. Maybe it’s fear of staying in the line to get back the coat!
Whatever it is it’s just rude! Maybe that’s why not too many famous people come to Finland ! Or maybe they are like that because not too many famous people come to Finland 🙂 !