10/08/2011 By dadmin Off

Vandalism in London and UK

I am deeply saddened by the senseless acts of vandalisms going on in UK. There is no logical explanation for such things. I hate when politicians try to explain it through the recent cuts or the failure of the education system and so on. Such things are expressed through demonstrations not through stealing, burning and killing. The only thing that makes sense is that the gangs just want to show that they can do whatever they want at any time and the police would be unable to cope. So far, that worked. The police seems in a state of confusion that worries me deeply. They cannot deal with this kind of violence, the mayor of London cannot, the home secretary cannot and then they have to call the Prim Minister back which then calls the whole executive back! What kind of message is that?

These events also provide a painful exercise in under-developed humans’ psychology. These are gangs that most likely live in the areas they have just burned down or at least around. How can you even consider creating such a mayhem in your neighbourhood? Is conscience something that only manifests itself above a certain level of education? Is “right vs. wrong” such a hard lesson to learn? Is it because their whole family is like that and that’s the only thing they know? Somehow, even terrorism makes more sense than such acts of organized vandalism! At least they have a cause. What is these kids’ cause? Destroying for the sake of destroying?