02/07/2012 By dadmin Off

Tourism and Mozart in Vienna

This time in Vienna, I thought about something different to do. So, I was looking for a way to see a concert at Musikverein, the place where the New Year’s Day concert is broadcasted from.  As the lottery system of that concert means that I would probably not manage to see it any time soon, I thought that going to a concert now might be a good way to see and experience the sound of the Great Hall. So, I looked if anything was playing during our stay and I found a Mozart concert, with the Vienna Mozart Orchestra. I got the (not so cheap) tickets and looked forward to it. I cannot say how disappointed I was! The building is amazing, the hall is very impressive but the concert is a tourist trap! It is full of people taking pictures and talking during the concert! I had an idiot behind me that kept flashing with the camera all the time while his wife was humming to the music! Plus, while the orchestra played quite well, not the same could be said about the soprano, whose singing was an insult to poor Mozart.  I could not wait for the intermission to come so we could leave. It’s very sad that a concert hall like that (acoustic was excellent) can allow such gimmick events to take place in there! I can only imagine how it would be to see the Royal Opera House full of idiots talking and getting up and taking pictures during the performance.