23/06/2012 By dadmin Off

Terrible food

Today we went to Norfolk. We haven’t been there in a while and I was looking forward to see the see, the beach at Old Hunstanton and have a nice lunch at the Ancient Mariner. Unfortunately, this was not what we got! I like fish pie so I ordered their “homemade fish pie with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables” but this is what I got:

It was the worst fish pie I’ve ever had: full of mayo! I did try to get the mayo away (the photo shows that cleaner version) but then I realized that all the vegetables are sitting in the mayo so I got so put off by the whole dish that I could not eat anything at all!

Dirk did try to get some of the mash and fish. This is how his plate looked after:

He could not eat any vegetables at all, obviously.

Very big disappointment. We were there once before but we seem to have been lucky with whatever we picked the other time. When we told the waitress that we could not eat that food as it was swimming in mayo she said she will tell the “chef”! Seriously, calling whoever cooked that a “chef” is a bit too much! I don’t think anybody gave a damn anyway as nobody came back. We just left the place and promise to never get back there.