28/07/2006 By dadmin 0

Sad times

I find it very sad these days what is happening in Middle East with Israel atacking and butchering Lebanon. Whatever the reasons, it’s frightening to see how innocent people can wake up over night in a war and have their whole life changed.
I don’t buy the initial reasons given by Israel because nobody is even mentioning the two soldiers kidnapped, even less the initial one that gave them a reason for getting into Gaza again. It is quite clear that they are after Hezbollah and anything that could have been considered a provocation would have done it. They probably wanted to make some cleanup around.
In any case, I just don’t see how creating this chaos and pain in Lebanon would help them. Even though US government is backing them (as usual) more and more people start turning against them. Which does not mean anti-semitism! This is definitely another sad reality: whenever somebody says something against Israel politics that person is called anti-semitic. Why?! How is that different from saying something against any other country’s politics and behavior? Why do they always have to put that on the table? It seems to me a bit childish but it seems to work. Probably, if the current situation would have happened with any other country than Israel behaving like that, people all over the world would have reacted differently. There are not even too many protest demonstrations going on! It’s true that Europe is mostly on holiday and going through heat-waves, but still…
Anyway, as I said, these are sad times because nothing seems to get better in that area. There is much more violence and hatred than ever before and, probably, even more people are pushed to extremism all over the world. UN seems unable to stop this and US’ representatives barely show any compassion for the people dying there without any fault or any good reason. Rice even seems vaguely amused whenever she talks and I cannot figure out why.
There is no end to this and nothing good will come out of it 🙁