19/09/2012 By dadmin Off

Property market in UK

We have been trying to sell our house for the past 4 months and something. I am not surprised that the house is still not sold because the market is not very good now but I have to say that I am really disappointed by the real estate agents and agencies. While they are all very nice and respectful during that initial meetings, once the contract is signed they are mainly trying to make you reduce the house price. That is because in this country, even though you negotiate based on a certain percentage from the selling price, in the contract they put a fixed amount, which means they do not take any hit, no matter how low you go with the price. Which also means that after just one month of being on the market with them, at a price they suggested as realistic, they call you and ask you to reduce the price. Sometimes, quite dramatically, as in between 20-30K! They also try to send the viewers alone and they almost never give you a follow up on what viewers said. We were first with Haart, now we are with W H Brown and they are the same 🙁 I am currently trying to get the agent to call me back to discuss if we should take the house off the market for now and he just ignores me…As I said, agents are an utter disappointment to me. I am not sure how to find somebody I could trust.