03/12/2005 By dadmin 0

In Amsterdam again…

Last weekend we went to Amsterdam. This was another one of ours experiments of how good it is to live in Europe 🙂 . We actually missed Amsterdam (we haven’t been there for almost 2 years). I am never sure why I feel so good in Amsterdam: the weather is mostly all the time bad when we are there but I just can’t get enough of those cute little houses and the canals! This time the weather situation was the same: the night after we got there a big storm with hail, wind, thunders, and a lot of rain kept waking us up the whole night.
Next day: mostly rainy so we spent almost the whole day in museums. Luckily, the rain stopped in the evening and we could go to Cecilia Bartoli’s concert at Concertgebouw .
What can I say: I had again one of those rare moments when I want the time to stop or get into an infinite loop ! The concert was excelent from all points of view: acoustics, orchestra, music (Baroque, a lot of Handel) and, above all, Cecilia Bartoli’s voice, technique, and joy of singing. Unbelievable experience! Have to see her again!

Next day, the weather was a bit nicer so we walked in the city and tried to get into Anne Franck’s house but it was too cold to wait in line for the tickets. So, we hit a cafe and then some stores, with quite some success 🙂

Here are some canal photos:

Amsterdam was getting ready for Christmas, so lots of lights and people in the streets:

The flight back was so short I did not even notice when we got here: the beauty of living in Europe 🙂 !

Next stop: Bucharest, for Holidays!