21/05/2009 By dadmin Off

Experiencing iPod Touch

A couple of weeks ago I joined in the Apple touch “revolution” by getting an iPod Touch. In the meantime it has become my constant companion around the house, as I use it for checking emails, checking news, getting on Skype or Facebook, listening to music, or simply playing some Solitaire. I love the screen, which is bright and sharp. I added lots of applications, which is obviously made very easy by Apple, either through the iTunes or through the AppStore widget on the screen. I now have Skype, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Internet radio, London Tube, traffic updates for UK and for the London tube, and all sorts of other cool and useful applications.
Overall, I really love the iPod Touch as a surfing device and it has by far more good than bad things. The major negative issues are related to the text input and, sometimes, scrolling by touch. Even though I do like to check my emails on it I hate to write emails on it. I did get better at texting on it but it is still painful, and it’s made even worse by the crappy word completion it has.
I am happy I did not get an iPhone, as I cannot imagine having a phone with such a bad text input experience. I am not sure how people manage to write sms/emails with it. They must have a lot of patience. Plus, I do like a lot to be able to write sms with just one hand, which is quite difficult to do with any touchscreen device, especially when it’s using a QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode! The other thing I don’t like is that the screen is sometimes too responsive to touch and it’s easy to click on things by mistake, especially when trying to scroll. I guess I have to live with this one but I am hopeful that in a future version I could use the keyboard in landscape mode and maybe they would manage to also get their word completion better. As I am happy with it so far things can only get better 🙂